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Experts in PC Repairs

...not Geeks!

We've been maintaining eye contact with our customers and not creeping anyone out for quite some time now!

We provide expert on-site Home and Office PC Repairs, services and goods around Australia. 

We're passionate about making PC Repair effective and easy for anyone in need.

PC issues are URGENT


PC's often let you down right before that important meeting. From slow operating systems to accidentally installing a virus (we've all done it - that oh sh*t moment).

We aren't creepy Geeks


We can hold a proper conversation and maintain eye contact so we won't make you uncomfortable. We aren't arrogant and understand that everyone excels at something, we really suck at plumbing!

Why we do it

Slow computers and annoying viruses do our f*cking  heads in, and we're pretty sure they upset you just as much! Making PC Repair a pain free journey is what we're here for.

Who's in charge around here?

Colin Brookes
Colin Brookes
Founder & CEO

Jack of all trades

Father, Managing Director, Sales Manager,

Designer, Developer in my previous roles.


Peregian Beach, QLD


I have over 16 years of experience with Computers. I build them, break them, fix them you name it. It's what some people say comes naturally to me. My skills beyond computers include high level business management and customer relationship management. My focus is always on the end user.

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