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We provide a level of service unmatched by any of our competitors. We are consistently praised not just for our work, but more importantly, the level of support we provide after the job is done.

Billed per 30 min
1 hour minimum
We visit your
home or office
Same day service available*

* Same-day service attracts a fee equivalent to 30 mins of our time. This is because we are making you a priority in our calendar, by doing so we will often need to reallocate and reorganise existing bookings.

"You've found the last IT Guy's you'll ever need."

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of services

do you offer?

On-site Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop, software and hardware repairs. We provide upgrade options where available including brand new computers. We also perform maintenance to improve your existing computers performance.

How long will it take

to fix my issue?

We resolve most basic computer issues within an hour. However if we expect the issue to be more serious we'll usually be able to tell you within the first 15 minutes of working on your device.

Can you diagnose

issues over the phone?

We would love to, but providing this kind of support exposes our business to a variety of serious risks. Providing advice may make us liable for any accidents, injuries and damage resulting from you attempting to repair or service your own equipment.

What if I want to cancel a service?

No problem! Please call our team on 07 5448 3096 at least twenty-four (24) hours before your scheduled appointment and let us know.

Failure to give us reasonable notice will require you to pay for the initial appointment in full regardless of whether any services were provided.

Do you provide support

for small businesses?

We're well trained in both home and small business technical support. We provide additional services to small business from website design to system options focused on improve their businesses, in addition to ongoing support to keep your technology going strong.

What if my computer or laptop is broken and can't be fixed?

We provide super convenient on-site backup and recovery of your important data and can transfer it to a new computer. We typically stock new computers in our vehicles and a variety of major components to help get you back up and running.

Do you charge extra

for same-day service?

To serve you better we charge a fee equivalent to 30 mins of our time, this is to assist us in covering the time now required to reschedule other appointments and in some cases lead to our team committing to overtime.

Do you offer training?

Whilst we don't offer training courses or anything official, our technicians are happy to talk you through their work and teach you where possible. We're even happy to do this whilst resolving your issue where possible. Just bear in mind your request for this extra support will increase the technicians workload and subsequent time to complete the job.

What if I'm not happy

with your services?

We strive to deliver industry leading service and after-sales support. Our customers often praise us for going the extra mile. We have been known to perform small jobs for existing customers free of charge. We like to look after our existing customers and gain a lot of repeat business as a result.


If in the very unlikely event you're unhappy with an outcome we'll work with you to make it right.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions to consider if our offerings are right for you.

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