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Are You BRAVE Enough?...

Don't get too excited... we're not going to start testing your courage or anything. Brave is the name of an internet browser that you likely haven't heard of... yet.

TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read): Brave is a trusted internet browser that passively reduces internet surveillance and tracking of your usage whilst natively blocking adverts. Brave boasts superior performance to industry leaders such as Chrome by being up to 3x faster. It also promotes the use of DuckDuckGo search, a privacy-focused search engine that won't track your behaviour (hey google).

So what's all the fuss?

Well none of us likes to learn that everything we do is tracked online. From cookies delivering you tailored advertisements to location services allowing websites to see where you're physically located. Signing into google generally tracks everything you do to give you a personalised google experience. IP address logging keeps a history of where you've been and sites you've visited. There are many more ways in which you provide information without realising it, all of it paints a better picture of you for targetted advertising and services. There's an argument that this isn't all bad and we aren't on either side. Ultimately this is giving you the knowledge to do what you want.

Why should you use Brave?

Well, we've mentioned a few good reasons but our main reason to promote this to you would is Brave's passive, inbuilt protection blocking adverts and trackers. So what? Can't Google Chrome do this with uBlock origin as you told us? Well, yes, Chrome can be configured with extensions to block adverts. The danger arises when Chrome updates and sometimes resets itself, when this happens, all extensions are disabled by default. If you aren't tech-savvy enough, you won't notice that your adblocker has stopped working and you may fall prey to a scam. Unfortunately, not too long ago a customer that was using uBlock Origin was scammed because Chrome had reset and disabled it, she clicked an article that she thought was real and ended up being scammed for $1000.

What else is good?

Not only does Brave give you inbuilt advertising protection, they also promote native use of the search engine If you aren't already aware this is a search engine with privacy as its main focus. It's a great search engine it's very fast and works very well. Just because you haven't heard of DuckDuckGo doesn't mean it's new and untested, it was founded in 2008! It's a mature and very capable search engine. As more of us become aware of the monumental power Google has over our daily lives the switch to search engines like this will only rise.

Browser performance

Because Brave natively blocks adverts and trackers it has a head start with performance, according to reports it loads pages almost twice as fast as Google and Firefox. It has been shown to use 35% less battery on mobile devices. It also consumes up to 66% less memory (RAM) meaning your computer can multitask more easily and open many more browser tabs. We hate how much memory Chrome uses it's a memory hog! Brave is good for your mental health (because you're going to be less annoyed waiting pages to load) and great for the environment with less energy usage.

Where can I get it?

You can download the latest version from

As always if you need a hand, give us a call 07 5448 3096.


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